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Apr 19
Apr 17

Custom colors/decal support!


Custom colors/decal support!

Apr 14

Thanks Obama


Thanks Obama

Mar 29

Alpha 18 - Locked and Loaded

Mar 27

Alpha 18 - Locked and Loaded →

"Locked and Loaded" update (Alpha 18) Changelog:


  • Major changes to the loadout system: each aero has a certain amount of “Payload” and “Avionics”, and each weapon you add will consume a certain amount of either
  • New slot: “Special”. These are special items with consumable ammo. Currently, there is only a countermeasure flare. Use the “B” button or “F” key to trigger them
  • Enemy AI will now bank to turn, leading to more interesting dogfights
  • The number of enemies spawned at the beginning of an island has been significantly reduced
  • Enemy Rogues removed, for now…
  • New enemy: TORO ground-based mech, armed with 2 AAA cannons and 2 SAM launchers
  • Several new ememy building types added
  • Terrain hexes are now smaller so the terrain seems denser, and the layout of defenses was modified to accomodate
  • Terrain maximum height is now somewhat higher. Flying very low will often protect you from defenses.
  • Forward bases added to reduce backtracking to the carrier. They match your aircraft skin, so they’re pretty easy to spot.
  • AAM-SA is now the AAM-MR, which is fire-and-forget to make it much more useful
  • Added AAM-LR, a very long-range but low damage missile with a minimum range. When the second stage engages, the missile is armed and will do damage, but the first stage inflicts no damage.
  • Added two new vulcan cannon types, heavy and turbo


  • Aircraft skins!
  • Bombsights work differently: they will expand in all directions if you move, and greatly increase the drift of bombs dropped. Line up a target carefully and stay level to get precise shots.
  • Fuel gauge removed because fuel has no meaning
  • New visual effect when locking on to targets to emphasize that you are, indeed, locked on


  • The “Unknown Device” profile for controllers should provide some more sensible defaults
  • You can customize controls by editing the “controls.ini” file. Instructions are included in the file. Not all configurations are supported yet, for example, you can’t yaw with an axis. I suggest in the meantime you use the joystick in your right hand and the keyboard in your left.
  • You can select weapons directly with the D-Pad or the 1-4 keys
Mar 26

Anonymous asked: maybe a casual mode where you have more than one life? Or you get 1 extra life each time you finish an island? Also is there going to be a story of sorts? Like who are we fighting against and why? Just something simple, nothing complex and overly deep.

I wrote a fairly detailed description of why I’d like to avoid any kind of “easy” mode here, on the subreddit. Some sort of end-of-island reward isn’t out of the question, I just wonder what the best one is. There’s a very light story going on but I’m not sure how much I want to explicitly communicate. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Dark Souls?

Mar 26

Anonymous asked: Will you ever add different game modes, also, what about an option to keep the mouse from moving outside the window in windowed mode?

I’m not sure about alternate game modes. I don’t want to fall into feature creep, but modes that modify the “main” mode in some way, or modes that aren’t hard to implement, aren’t out of the question. I honestly haven’t put too much thought into it, except maybe a co-op mode that would be almost identical to the main game but, obviously, allow for co-op.

Keeping the mouse inside the window is unfortunately a bit more difficult than it sounds, if I want to lock the cursor inside the screen in Unity I need to also hide it and force it back into the center every frame. There are methods to get around this but it requires a bit of extra work considering the input library I’ve been using. It’s certainly something on the to-do list.

Mar 26

mreggy asked: What GUI system do you use for Sky Rogue?

I wrote my own system using an orthographic camera hiding below the world with a bunch of 3D boxes and quads and stuff floating in front of it. Everything that shows up on this camera is parented to it, and is put on a special “GUI” layer so the main camera can’t see it. The two cameras are then put on different depths and the clear flag is set so that the GUI camera is rendered on top of the main camera. This way it’s easy for me to display 3D models, rotated text, or a number of other things. On the other hand, I can’t really get pixel-perfect text from TextMeshes no matter how hard I try. Beyond the extra features, there are two main reasons I am doing this:

1) UnityGUI requires some very chaotic code for making GUIs of any significant complexity. Using GUITextures and custom code works decently. However, either of those approaches requires a single draw call for each GUI element, which is horribly inefficient. I want to try and maintain 60fps at all times on old / crappy PCs, so cutting out bottlenecks like a crappy GUI system is important.

2) I was too poor to buy nGUI or Daikon Forge. Now that I have the money to do so (thanks!), well, I don’t feel like rewriting all of my GUI code.

The one exception is the reticles for targets. These are GUITextures in screen-space. I’ve been meaning to make FooGUI versions of them but I’ve been spending all my time on gameplay, controls, and polish.

Mar 26

chaolin112 asked: It´s not really an ask but OHMYGOD SKY ROGUE IS THE BEST GAME IVE PLAYED all year and probably 2013 too c: thank you so much for this awesome game! :DDD


Mar 26

foreveraflame asked: I accidentally skipped the tutorial, and now I don't know how to perform important maneuvers like landing on my sky carrier. How can I access the tutorial again?

You have 2 options:

1. Press F10 to display a SECRET debug menu. Click the “Reset Tutorial” button.

2. Figure it out through experimentation.

Take your pick :)